Course Introduction

Welcome to Andrew Dixon’s course on Gastro Pub Classics. Learn of all the amazing dishes and skills you will be acquiring throughout the various episodes and how they will help to take your chef skills to the next level.

My Chef Story

Having worked in England’s finest country house hotels and had his own award-winning restaurant in Somerset, Andrew Dixon is now Head Chef Tutor at the Cookery School at the Grand, York. Andrew is in his element teaching, passing on the skills and knowledge he spent years acquiring. His firm belief is that you don’t need to be a Michelin starred chef to be a good cook. Learn from him how to take simple ingredients and make them shine on the plate.

Lesson One: Spiced Braised Beef Shin Served With Lime Crème Frâiche & Roasted Root Vegetables

In this episode, Andrew shows you how to make one of his all-time favourite dishes – spiced beef shin served with zingy lime crème frâiche and roasted root vegetables. This version of a “posh chilli” is slow-cooked over 6 hours, transforming this humble cut into a luxurious dish. It is perfect for entertaining made in advance. Andrew recommends serving it with the tasty focaccia bread shown in the next episode.

Lesson Two: Tomato Foccacia

Focaccia bread is such a treat. Here Andrew teaches you how to make your very own focaccia at home, guiding you through all the steps. This recipe is for tomato, rosemary and sea salt focaccia – an excellent taste of the Mediterranean. Once you’ve learnt how to make focaccia, you can use this recipe and be as creative with the flavourings as you want. Your dinner party guests will love you!

Lesson Three: Scotch Eggs with English Piccalilli  (2 episodes)

Who can resist a perfect Scotch egg?! No wonder they appear on so many upmarket restaurant menus. In this episode, Andrew shows you how to make perfect Scotch eggs – from the tasty coating around the egg to the perfectly cooked, runny yolk inside. As a finishing touch, serve them with piccalilli and a crisp-textured salad.

Lesson Four: Mackerel Filleting

In this episode, Andrew shows you how to fillet one of this favourite fish – mackerel. Filleting fish is such a great skill to acquire – one which will transform your fish cookery. The mackerel fillet will then be used in the following episode, where you will learn the art of curing and blow torching fish.

Lesson Five: Cured & Blow Torched Cornish Mackerel, Apple Slaw, Beetroot, Radish & Sea Herbs

In this episode Andrew shows you how to transform mackerel fillet into a beautifully presented, stylish dish, perfect for a summer meal. You will learn how to cure the fillet before cooking it by carefully blow torching it – a true chef’s touch which creates a beautiful charred flavour – and how to make the other elements of the dish that all go together so well.

Lesson Six: Fresh Mayonnaise

There is something magical about making your own mayonnaise! Here, Andrew shows you how to take a few simple ingredients – egg yolks, mustard, salt and pepper, lemon juice, vegetable oil – and transform them successfully into mayonnaise with the help of a hand whisk. If you’ve never experienced this piece of kitchen alchemy before, do give it a go!

Lesson Seven: Pan-Fried Sole, Lemon and Parsley Butter New Potatoes & Classic Tartar Sauce

Here Andrew takes you carefully through how first to trim a whole lemon sole, then pan-fry it in lemon oil and lots of butter, basting it as it is cooked. The basting gives a golden colour and fantastic flavour and is the base of a tremendous sauce to finish the dish. This technique works a treat with other fish too. Homemade tartare sauce and new potatoes make the perfect accompaniments.

Lesson Eight: Chocolate Soufflé

A successful chocolate soufflé is a great thing to pull off. Many a Masterchef contestant has failed while attempting this classic dessert. Never fear; Andrew takes you through all the stages, passing on all his tips and shows you how to master the soufflé and rise to the top!

Lesson Nine: Perfect Pork Pie

A good pork pie is a joy to eat. In this episode, Andrew shows you how to make a perfect pork pie, from the tasty, textured meat filling to the jelly to the hot water crust pastry. You will acquire all the skills you need to make your own pork pie, with Andrew generously sharing many great practical tips throughout. Your sense of achievement at making your very own pork pie will be off the scale!

Lesson Ten: Luxury Fish Pie With A Velouté Sauce 

In the final episode of this course, Andrew shows you how to make a fish pie with a mouthwatering velouté sauce. You will start by making a homemade fish stock that will provide your velouté sauce’s deep flavour. This will be the best fish pie you have ever made and one that your guests request, time and time again.