Course Introduction

Welcome to chef Andrew Sheridan’s specialist course on Meats and Sauces. The two-time Great British Menu contestant will show you to make restaurant-quality dishes with which to “wow your guests and friends”. You will learn how to make foundation stocks, then progress to meat dishes and fantastic sauces. Meats covered on range from the humble chicken to the quail and venison. For Andrew, making stunning dishes is all about the preparation. The satisfaction you’ll get from watching the smiles on people’s faces when they eat the food you’ve made will be huge!

Meet Your Chef

Meet Andrew Sheridan, Head Chef of About Eight Restaurant in Birmingham. Learn about how Andy became a chef and his principles behind making amazing food.

Lesson One: Veal & Chicken Stock

The starting point for any fantastic meat sauce is using great stock. In this episode chef Andrew Sheridan, of Great British Menu fame, shows you how to make a brown chicken stock and a veal stock at home. Learning how to make these two classic stocks – which are key to French cuisine –  will be the foundation upon which to build your sauce-making skills.

Lesson Two: Pork Belly with Apple, Scallop, Asparagus & Pork Sauce 

Andrew shows you how to transform pork belly – an affordable, fatty cut, filled with flavour – into an amazing dish that will thrill your friends. The process involves brining, confit-ing and pressing the pork belly and making a intensely rich pork sauce. Most of the work is done in advance, with Andrew showing you how to plate it up to stylish effect.

Lesson Three: Lamb Wellington With Lamb Sauce

In this episode Andrew demonstrates how to make a great dish of Stuffed Saddle of Lamb, ideal for entertaining. This combination of lamb and chicken mousse is wrapped in Parma ham and puff pastry, then served with a Moroccan-flavoured lamb sauce  and – of course – mashed potatoes. Learning how to make this stylish dish will enhance your knife skills and your presentation.

Lesson Four: Roast Quail with Quail Sauce

Andrew feels that quail is “underused and absolutely delicious”. Here he shows you how to transform this small game bird into a great dish. Once again, the secret element to the dish is learning how to make a great quail sauce, using red wine,  Madeira and the stock you learnt to make at the beginning of the course. Serve this with luxurious mashed potato and red cabbage for a wonderful warming winter dish.


Lesson Five: Roast Chicken with Chicken Sauce

Who doesn’t love a roast chicken?  In this episode, Andrew shows you how to elevate the “humble chicken” to great new heights. The first step is to brine your chicken, then air-dry it, a simple but transformative stage that creates crispy skin and great flavour. The chicken is roasted with vegetables –  a “one-pot wonder”. The finishing touch – a delicious chicken sauce.

Lesson Six: Roast Loin of Venison with Venison Sauce

Venison is such a flavourful game meat. Here Andrew demonstrates how to make a stunning roast venison loin dish. The first step is to make the venison sauce, with Andrew taking you through the stages, including reduction and passing. Learning how to make a sauce from meat trimmings, vegetables and stock is a great skill to acquire. Andrew also encourages to use your knife skills to cut out a loin of venison.

Lesson Seven: Rice Pudding

This dish went down very well with the judges on Great British Menu. Rice pudding was a childhood favourite of Andrew’s. Here he shows you how to create an elegant, restaurant dessert based on this beloved British pudding. This is a wonderful combination of a rich, vanilla-flavoured pudding rice base topped with an irresistible caramelised milk skin, served with hay ice cream and blackberries.

Lesson Eight: Lemon Drizzle

Lemon Drizzle cake is such a favourite. Here Andrew shows you how to transform it into a fine dining dessert, served warm from the oven with clotted cream and lemon marmalade and finished with a lemon butterscotch sauce. With its combination of flavours and textures, this citrus-flavoured dessert is guaranteed to become a favourite with you and your family and friends.