Course Introduction

Keen baker Karen Wright, a former contestant in the Great British Bake Off series, enjoys sharing her baking knowledge. Karen will take you through several savoury bakes, starting with a beautiful loaf of white bread and ending with irresistible sausage rolls. Home baking is a wonderful, satisfying skill to acquire and Karen’s friendly lessons are the perfect way to learn.

Lesson One: Classic White Loaf

Being able to make white bread is deeply satisfying. This is the bread that landed Karen a place in the Bake Off Tent, and it is the perfect introductory recipe to the world of savoury baking. Learn the basics of making bread and make a loaf worthy of a Hollywood handshake.

Lesson Two: Soda Bread

In this episode, Karen demonstrates that Irish classic – a loaf of soda bread. So quick and easy to make, this requires no proving and can be put together in minutes. Served with a tasty smoked mackerel pâté with delicious beetroot relish, this is such a tasty bread, so let’s get baking!

Lesson Three: Breadsticks

Breadsticks are such a great nibble. Here Karen shows you how to make spectacular breadsticks, served with homemade hummus and guacamole. These will be a hit with your guests when you’re entertaining. The joy of making your own breadsticks is that you can get creative and add the flavourings you enjoy, whether olives, chillies or chopped rosemary.

Lesson Four: Savoury Chelsea Buns

In the last bread episode of the course, you will take a step up in skill level by making an enriched dough that is then rolled out and shaped to create superb Chelsea buns with a twist, as they are savoury! Karen won the Stand Out prize at the 2021 World Chelsea Bun Awards with this tasty recipe and by following the stages step by step, you can recreate that winning formula at home.

Lesson Five: Shortcrust Pastry Cheese & Onion Pie

A good pie really is a treat. Karen shows you how to make a cheese and onion pie with a homemade shortcrust pastry in this lesson. Shortcrust pastry is a versatile pastry that you can use in both savoury and sweet baked goods, and learning how to make it well is an essential cornerstone for any aspiring baker.

Lesson Six: Cheese & Sticky Onion Quiche (Learn Blind Baking)

This lesson uses shortcrust pastry again (as we said, it is versatile!). This time Karen teaches you the art of blind baking to ensure the pastry is cooked through and beautifully crisp. Nobody likes a soggy bottom, so learn Karen’s pastry techniques and become this week’s star baker

Lesson Seven: Sausage Roll with Flaky Pastry

You will be ending the course by making from scratch everyone’s party favourite – the good old sausage roll. Master the art of making flaky pastry and produce a sausage roll that is buttery, golden and luxurious. Bask in the glory and sense of achievement when your kitchen is filled with the tempting aroma of the best sausage rolls ever!