Course Introduction

In this series, chef Matt Healy will show you how to cook his favourite restaurant dishes. Learn the techniques that go into creating excellent roast potatoes or an impeccable crème brûlée. This is your chance to learn the famous red wine sauce that got into the final of MasterChef: The Professionals and how to master a Beef Wellington. Learn how to raise your cooking game several notches from Matt.

Meet Your Chef

Having come runner up in 2016 MasterChef: The Professionals, Matt went on to open his restaurant, receiving numerous accolades and commendations. He has also opened Grön Kãfe, a vegan-friendly, Scandinavian-inspired café, with three sites in York, Leeds and Harrogate.  Matt’s approach to cooking is simple but thoughtful, allowing the ingredients to shine.

Sunday Roast Introduction

Matt’s restaurant won the accolade of serving “Britain’s Best Roast Dinner”. He tells you that the first part of his course will show you how to recreate those award-winning dishes at home. The recipes he will show you include a Beef Wellington and – for vegetarians – a Mushroom Wellington, the ultimate roast potatoes and his famous MasterChef red wine sauce.

Lesson One: Beef Wellington

Matt kicks off with the ultimate in fine dining, the Beef Wellington. This splendid pastry-wrapped fillet of beef appears on the menus of many of the world’s best restaurants. It is a dish with several stages, which Matt takes you through clearly and helpfully. Treat yourself by learning how to master this culinary masterpiece.

Lesson Two: Roast Potatoes

In this episode, Matt teaches you an essential life skill: making the ultimate roast potato. He prides himself on cooking the crispiest, fluffiest roast potatoes and shows you all the little touches that go into creating them. This will elevate your Sunday lunches to a new level – forever!

Lesson Three: Mushroom Wellington

Matt shows us how to make a restaurant-quality, vegetarian, Sunday roast headliner. The Mushroom Wellington is filled with caramelised onion, spinach and mushroom duxelles. It’s easy to make, looks splendid and tastes terrific – one that will impress all your guests.

Lesson Four: Red Wine Sauce

When MasterChef: The Professionals judge Marcus Wareing tasted Matt’s sauce, he commented, “this is one of the best sauces I have ever tasted during my time in the MasterChef kitchen”. In this episode, Matt shows you how to make his famous red wine sauce, which will be the crowning glory of your impeccable Sunday roast.

Lesson Five: Crème Brûlée

With its name translating as “burnt cream”, this iconic French dessert is a truly luxurious way to end a meal. Matt shows you how to create both the velvety custard base and the classic crunchy caramelised top. A real crowd-pleaser, this is a restaurant classic that your family and friends will thank you for mastering!

Lesson Six: Refined Fish & Chips

Fish and chips is always a favourite. In this episode, Matt takes this straightforward British classic and elevates it to a fine-dining dish.  Learn how to cook cod, crispy potatoes professionally and create a chip-shop style curry sauce packed with umami. The results are truly delicious.

Lesson Seven: Beef Tartare with a Blue Cheese & Onion Toastie

Beef Tartare is a restaurant classic. Learn to make one of Matt’s absolute favourite dishes. It doesn’t require a lot of cooking, but it does require a lot of preparation and concentration. Matt cleverly pairs the tartare with a Blue Cheese & Onion Toastie, an audacious touch that works a treat!

Lesson Eight: Knife Skills

Learning knife skills is an essential part of being an expert chef. Here, Matt teaches you how to sharpen your knife and takes you through the variety of knives required in a kitchen. He also teaches you three essential cutting techniques: the brunoise, the julienne and the mirepoix. Once you’ve done this lesson, you’ll be able to show off your knife skills to your friends!

Lesson Nine: Smoked Eel Salad

In this episode, Matt shows you how to make a stylish restaurant starter, a strikingly presented dish of smoked eel on celeriac remoulade with pickled radish. Eel is something you find either in a super high-end restaurant or an East London jellied eel shop. This recipe brings these two approaches together to create a light, umami flavour bomb with all the hallmarks of a restaurant-quality dish.