Course Introduction

This specialised Seafood Mastery course brought to you by the multiple Michelin-starred chef Nathan Outlaw will show you both the fundamentals of preparing seafood and how to elevate your seafood dishes to an expert level. The course covers a range of skills. Throughout the course, you will acquire an in-depth knowledge of cooking seafood and achieving restaurant standard cooking in your own home kitchen.

My Chef Story

The multiple Michelin-starred chef Nathan Outlaw is celebrated as the king of seafood. He is a regular on TV shows Saturday Morning Kitchen and the Great British Menu. Nathan started his career working for the legendary chef Rick Stein and went on to have one of the most decorated careers in British culinary history.

Lesson One: Crab Preparation

In this episode, Nathan shows you how to cook and pick a crab humanely. An essential ethos of any chef is respecting your ingredients and making the most of them. You will learn how to use every part of the crab to make different recipes in future episodes, including a salad, mayonnaise, and a crab bisque sauce.

Lesson Two: Crab with Celeriac & Apple Salad

The first dish on this course is Crab with Celeriac & Apple Salad. This light, elegant recipe is a true celebration of crab and is a dish that appears regularly on Nathan’s restaurant menus. In this episode, Nathan shows you how to make a rich crab mayonnaise and a fresh-tasting, textured salad.

Lesson Three: Monkfish Filleting

In this episode, Nathan will show you how to fillet a monkfish. Monkfish is a unique fish, which intriguingly sits in neither the round fish nor flatfish category; it’s one entirely on its own. Chefs prize the meaty, steak-like texture of the fish, and it is a popular restaurant fish. Once you’ve mastered the skill of filleting a monkfish, you will be using the fillets to make the tandoori monkfish in the next episode.

Lesson Four: Tandoori Monkfish, Kachumber Salad & Coriander Yoghurt

In this episode, Nathan shows you how to make one of his favourite dishes: Tandoori Monkfish, served with a Kachumber Salad and Coriander Yoghurt. The monkfish is marinated in tandoori spices before being cooked. This recipe has featured on Nathan’s restaurant menus worldwide and is one of his all-time favourite dishes.

Lesson Five: Roasted Fish Stock

Using the bones and offcuts from your fish filleting, Nathan will show you how to make his version of fish stock. Using homemade fish stock will help elevate your seafood dishes and give them a deeper, richer flavour of the ocean. The stock will feature in many recipes on this course, including the turbot and gurnard recipes.

Lesson Six: Turbot Filleting

Sharpen your knives; in this episode, Nathan shows you how to fillet a flatfish, specifically a magnificent turbot. Filleting a turbot is something that requires precision, care and attention. Remember, with all fish filleting, keep all the offcuts to make that invaluable homemade fish stock!

Lesson Seven: Turbot Baked on Basque Potatoes & Crab Bisque

Learn from Nathan how to make a bisque, an excellent addition to your culinary repertoire. You will learn how to make a crab bisque in this episode, served alongside turbot baked-on Basque potatoes. This haute cuisine recipe – at once elegant and intensely flavourful – has featured on the menus in several of Nathan’s restaurants.

Lesson Eight: Gurnard Filleting

In this episode, Nathan will show you how to fillet a red gurnard and prepare it ready to be fried or barbecued. Nathan is a fan of this striking, flavourful fish and even uses it to make his world-famous fish and chips!

Lesson Nine: Gurnard with Braised Leeks, Tarragon, & a Tartare Sauce Hollandaise 

Nathan is noted for the elegance of his fish dishes. In this episode, the humble leek becomes a rich accompaniment to beautifully grilled gurnard fillets. This episode also teaches you how to make a hollandaise sauce, a classic French sauce you will enjoy creating from scratch.

Lesson Ten: Red Mullet with Asparagus Chilli & Orange Salad

In this episode, Nathan shows you how to cook one of his favourite dishes. Skills covered during the lesson include how to fillet and pin-bone red mullet and achieve beautiful crispy skin through pan-frying. This is a delightful summer dish packed with zingy flavour, best served when English asparagus is in season and at its best.

Lesson Eleven: Fudge & Nut Brownie, Salted Caramel Sauce, Orange Creme Fraiche & Frosted Nuts

In this episode, you will learn how to make a Michelin-starred dessert. This really is a treat of the highest quality. A moist, fudgy-textured, dark chocolate brownie is served with very more-ish frosted nuts and a rich, salted caramel sauce. So refine your dessert-making skills and enjoy the distinctly tempting results!