Course Introduction

Welcome to Chef Ben Davy’s course on New Wave Plant Based Cuisine. The aim of this course is to get you excited and inspire you to cook fresh and exciting tasting plant based food. Discover what dishes you will be cooking and the various techniques you will acquire.

Meet Your Chef

Meet your Chef Ben Davy as he talks you through his inspiration for cooking plant based cuisine

Lesson One: Ramen

A bowl of noodles in a tasty miso soup is a great, slurp-able delight! In this episode, Ben Davy shows you how to create this classic of Japanese restaurants in your own home. Discover how to make all the elements – from the dashi (Japanese stock) to the tofu topping and the tasty burnt garlic oil. The result is a stunning  vegan dish which is guaranteed to go down a treat with all the family.

Lesson Two: Tomato Salad

Create the ultimate tomato salad!  Chef Ben Davy shows you how to make a number of elements – from tomato water to black garlic vinaigrette – and put them together with heirloom tomatoes to make a beautiful and colourful dish, filled with flavour and texture. A wonderful, celebration of the tomato with which to impress your friends! This is vegan cooking at its creative best.

Lesson Three: Sweet Potato and Lime Leaf Waffles

Who doesn’t love waffles?! In this episode talented chef Ben Davy shows you how to create a stunning dish of sweet potato waffles, served with pakoras and curry sauce. Ben’s flair at using Asian spices and herbs is clear; every element on the plate is full of flavour. This makes a dream brunch dish, so make your family and friends happy by watching his lesson!

Lesson Four: Miso Maple Aubergine 

Drawing inspiration from Chinese and Japanese cuisines, Ben Davy takes the humble aubergine and transforms it into a glorious vegetarian meal which looks as good as it tastes. Ben is a great teacher. Learn from him how to use flavourings such as miso paste (made from soy beans) and Sichuan chilli bean paste to add oomph to your cooking


Lesson Five: Barbecued Leek Hearts with a Romesco Sauce

Discover the delights of Spain’s classic romesco sauce, flavoured with garlic and smoked paprika. Chef Ben Davy shows you how to make this sauce – guaranteed to enliven any dish it’s served with. Here he pairs romesco sauce with smoky-tasting, charred leeks to make a stylish, beautifully plated, vegetarian dish.

Lesson Six: Merguez Carrots, Butterbeans and Zhouge

Chef Ben Davy takes inspiration from the vibrant flavours of the Middle East to create a delightful vegetarian meal. Learn how to make whipped butterbeans puree, your own flatbreads and zhoug – a herb-based relish – and then put them together with spicy, roasted, marinated carrots to delicious effect!

Lesson Seven: Kohlrabi Charsiu

Expand your vegetarian cooking horizons with creative chef Ben Davy. In this episode, he draws inspiration from a classic Chinese recipe for roast pork to create deliciously glazed kohlrabi ‘steak’. This sweet, rich vegetable main is combined with light, crisp tempura and a crunchy pear

Lesson Eight: The Ultimate Plant Based Burger

If you’re a burger lover, then this episode is for you! Ben Davy teaches you how to create a stunning vegan burger, complete with a rich, non-dairy cheese fondue, a potato rosti and burger sauce. Ben demonstrates all the little touches that will make this truly the ultimate plant-based burger!