Course Introduction

Discover the wonderful, vibrant world of Pan-Asian Cuisine with Chef Philli. On this course, she transports you around the globe, showing you the recipes and techniques that she discovered while working in various Michelin-starred restaurants in Asia. You will learn how to cook stylish, restaurant-level, Pan-Asian dishes and how to use ingredients such as Japanese seaweed, mirin, yuzu and wasabi.

My Chef Story

Meet MasterChef: The Professionals 2020 finalist Chef Philli, impressed the judges with her creativity and flair. Having studied chemistry, an apprenticeship with the Gordon Ramsay Group introduced her to Asian flavours. Inspired, she went to Japan to work in restaurants there. Her travels in Asia have seen her work for some of the world’s best restaurants and shaped her own distinctive cooking style.

Lesson One: Furikake

Philli begins the course by showing you how to make Furikake, which is a Japanese rice seasoning used in Michelin starred restaurants. This umami-packed seasoning is a versatile topping and used as the finishing touch on several of Philli’s course recipes.

Lesson Two: Okonomiyaki

In this episode, Philli demonstrates how to make Okonomiyaki, known as ‘Japanese pizza’. This is a savoury pancake made from a cabbage batter, which is topped with ingredients and sauces. Its name means “grilled as you like it”, which shows how flexible it is. Learn how to make this great, tasty dish and enjoy getting inventive with your own toppings.

Lesson Three: Chinese Potsticker Dumplings

Who doesn’t enjoy a dumpling?! In this episode, Philli shows you how to make tasty Chinese Potsticker Dumplings, also known as Gyoza, a much-loved dish in Japanese cuisine. You will learn how to make two fillings – classic pork and cabbage and a plant-based tofu and shiitake mushroom alternative – and serve them with a dipping sauce and pickled mushrooms.

Lesson Four: Dan Dan Noodles

Dan Dan Noodles are a popular Sichuanese street food dish with their spicy, tangy, fragrant flavour and satisfying textures. Here, Philli demonstrates her own creative take on this classic. Using a pasta machine, you will learn how to make your own noodles from scratch and serve them with a tasty five-spice beef and tahini Sauce.

Lesson Five: Bao Buns

In this episode, Philli shows you how to make China’s most famous street food, soft, pillowy, steamed bao buns. First, you will learn how to make the dough from scratch, shape them into buns and steam them. Then, Philli shows you both a savoury bao – chicken and leek, served with a chicken sauce and crispy chicken skin – and an indulgent chocolate one.

Lesson Six: Scallop Sashimi with Truffle Ponzu Dressing & Poached Rhubarb

Here Philli shows you how to make a beautiful, elegant seafood starter, which tastes as good as it looks. Learn how to prepare scallops, poach rhubarb and how to make an indulgent, Japanese-inspired ponzu dressing packed with citrus flavours and a touch of truffle.

Lesson Seven: Dashi Braised Octopus

Calling adventurous seafood eaters, this episode is for you. Octopus is a highly prized delicacy enjoyed in many countries, including Japan. Here Philli shows you how to prepare, braise and grill an octopus. She serves this eye-catching dish with a sauce made using dashi (Japanese stock made from seaweed and dried bonito) and furikake, a seaweed-based seasoning. Truly a wonderful taste of the sea.

Lesson Eight: Sichuan Beef Tartare With Wonton Nachos

Philli served this dish on MasterChef: The Professionals, and it was eaten with great relish by judges Marcus Wareing, Monica Galetti and Gregg Wallace. Philli’s version is a glorious, flavourful fusion version in a stylish take on a classic steak tartare. Learn how to make her Sichuan Beef Tartare, served with a cured egg yolk and wasabi dressing and with crispy wonton nachos.